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Re: Aikido Urban Legends, Stories, and Myths

This one was a real side splitter when I heard it. Not quite Aikido but here goes

A few years back I was at a blade show in Chattanooga, TN. While there I visited someone's booth and heard him claiming his prowess as a historian of the samurai. The guy sounded pretty credible until: "You see, these katana's we have to day are just toothpicks compared to what the samurai really carried into battle with them. You see they used to carry a 6 foot 150 lbs battle sword with them slung over their backs...." Its a rough quote, but this guy started going on about the massive battle swords the samurai carried that could cleave a armored warrior in two from head to groin and how these weapons were quite famous within Japan because they were so effective......

I wish I were making this up...
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