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Dirk Hanss
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Re: Catholic Aikidoka

Mark Uttech wrote:
I am a practicing catholic as well as a buddhist.
Hi Mark,
I wonder how many catholic or other christian minister would accept this.
"You shall not have other gods after me!" That does not necessarily mean, that there are no other gods, but if you follow them, you cannot follow the Jewish/Christian/Islamic God.
Another issue is reinkarnation, which I (lutheran) was told is not in line with chritian believes.

Usually there is no objection against practicing buddhist methods for meditation or sharing their idea of peace or vegetarism, but most would argue, believing in the truth of one religion would not allow to believe the onther one seriously.

Well I do not mind. If you found for yourself to combine both, it is fine.

So may God and Buddha both bless you.

Regards Dirk
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