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Re: BS in fellow aikidoka

Anne Marie Giri wrote:
If the attack was moroteroi, I have to say that this is one of the hardest attacks that one can get out of. If your partner has a "vice grip of death" it is POSSIBLE to perform the technique, but you have to be very precise as to your angles as you enter. Yes, it's frustrating as heck to not to be able to perform the called for technique and it's even more frustrating when your partner doesn't seem to know the answer (or isn't willing to help you). There is a way "out", but it would be really hard to describe over the internet.

I've trained many a times with a "vice-grip-of-death" partner. 99.9% of the time their intentions are good and most of them know how you can get out. The key is to ask them "what do I need to do?" If they don't know, then ask your sensei what you need to do when they grab that strongly. If sensei is busy then ask them to ease up and let your practice a different aspect of the technique. If they don't, then bow out and find another group to train with.
As great a piece of advice as one is ever going to get.


David M. Valadez
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