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Re: Defining Kokyu

Mike Sigman wrote:
ARGH! It won't play on my system. I've saved the file so I'll work it out. Thanks very much!

Mike Sigman wrote:
Good point. In some ways, kokyu tricks do indeed involve shifting force directions and responsibilities, but not quite in the way you're talking about. But you should indeed always be sceptical and analytical. Here's a discussion of such tricks that is worth reading:

That is a GREAT link and is going in my permanent file. Should be required reading for all Aikidoka, regardless of their position on Ki, etc. Thanks for being patient with a noob. I'm willing to accept the possibility that virtually anything is true, but I'm fundamentally an empiricist and skeptic, so my first instinct is to look for clear explanations and reproducible results.

I'm interested in your thoughts on the "shifting force directions and responsibilities" of "kokyu tricks" beyond, or in contrast to, the kind of exercise I described above.

Thanks much,
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