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Re: Poll: How good are you at aikido?

- 6 th Kyu; first decade; wow, how do they roll so efortless, light...etc
- Kyu second decade; I can fall almost perfect , I can protect myself against many attacks, but what if they strike directly or have a knife
- Kyu: I deserve more than a yellow belt, look at him/her; they have a brown belt but can even not high-fall!!; except these guys, they are OK
- Kyu: I want to have more, always the same techniques, I want to learn more than shomen uchi ikkyo-nikkyo etc...I want to perform Jiu Waza
- 3. th Kyu: Well, I have a green belt, but blue looks cooler...ouch, the techniques hurt, when will the training finish, I hope that I will be able to see the end of the day, Why can I not apply the technique ??? It is not working - but it was working, or was it not
- Kyu; aikido is not applying techniques, belt-color is not important, I don't care much about that, O Sensei said that;"...."...O Sensei made once......I should move, I should not stand like to be frozen, why do I try to block or move back, what if the guy is an other MA
- Kyu; I love aikido because I love aikido, I can not apply the technique, OK just step to side - that works too

result: I am better than yesterday, worse than the day before
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