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Re: what does religion say about ki?

A few thoughts....
As a Christian, I think it all depends on how you intepret or understand ki. If you believe that there is a magical force that exists outside of God's realm that can be manipulated than this would be contrary to Christian teaching. On the other hand, if you simply believe that ki exists (like gravity) by God's design, then no problem.
To me, it's like bowing to the picture of O'Sensei in the front of the dojo. IN my heart, I do this out of respect, not to revere him like a god. That too would cross the line.
I do think that Aikido's basic message of harmony is very Christian.

Alan, the Old testament stories were passed down orally for a couple of thousand years before being written down. (writing wasn't invented yet). Even the Gospels were passed down this way for 70-100 years before being written down. The Christian Bible was created by men about 300 years after the death of Christ when a bunch of scholars got together and literally picked out the best stories out of many. This collection then became known as the Bible. I know that many fundamentalists would say yes, that's all true, but God whispered the words the words into their ears as they wrote down the stories and also inspired the scholars as they did their work and created the Bible. This part you will have to decide for yourself.
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