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Re: Defining Kokyu

Jason Mokry wrote:
Could you explain in more detail exactly where the power in your push comes from again in terms of body mechanics describing uke's stance also. Just curious.
Sorry, don't know the jo trick and haven't seen it to be able to comment.

The "power" comes from the ground thru the "whole" body. Fune-kogi undo, sayu undo and ikkyo undo is a good way to feel where the power is coming from. But like Rupert says, you can't do this on an inanimate object. (Note, some uke's are LIKE inanimate objects....).

Imagine every major joint in your body from your feet to your hands as a series of spring loaded fulcrums, and the long bones as the levers. Using the ground reaction force, transmit and amplify the force through this series of "springs" as you transmit it from your feet, knees, hips, back, shoulders, elbows, wrists and hands.

Then try short-cutting the path just feet to hands, or hip to hands.

At least, this is how I understand it. YMMV...

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