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Re: Defining Kokyu

This is my take:

Kokyu-ryoku is just pushing. Kokyu-nage is pushing combined with a little skill - taking uke's balance. If you take uke's balance too much, it is too easy - uke almost falls over. If you take none at all he won't budge. So, to develop the 'ryoku' (or power) you need to take his balance just enough so you are still required to give him a good push. Of course, taking more balance and doing it easily might seem to be the logical approach, but if you want to develop 'power' then you need something to push. (By develop, I mean train the power). The problem is, however, a push is not always just a push, just as a shovelling (see above) steel plate 'feels' different to different people. For example, although it is a push, you can't practise this on a wall. The 'other end' needs to be alive. But you can practise it by yourself, to a certain degree.

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