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Re: what does religion say about ki?

Frank, sir? Are you an Episcopalian Liberal Christian who should not call himself a Christian because you don't believe in any Biblically inspired theology whatsoever or are you just an idiot who just reads random parts of the Bible, listen to a whole bunch agnostic/gnostic wannabe type people like Dan Brown, and listen to whatever some dead old oriental guy says and think that you know what you're talking about? I just want to make a couple of points here...first off...the Bible was not written by word of mouth...the ONLY word of mouth that was given was that from the mouth of God...and people like Moses, Joshua, Ezra, Nehemiah, Jonah, Matthew, Luke, Peter, Paul, John, James, and the 33 other authors (44 authors and 66 books in the Bible). If was all by word of mouth how the frig do we have a Bible today? need to stop talking about things you don't know about. Second...the Bible and Science go hand in hand....God created the so called Laws of Science or Physics or whatever it was that Sir Isaac Newton DISCOVERED. If you don't believe me go to it talks all about science and the Bible...and it has nothing to do with the heretics who refer to themselves as Christian Scientists or a better term that they have adopted, "Scientologists" who have nothing to do with Christianity. Also...if you read the book of Job...I believe it's one of the last chapters I can't recall which one it was talked about a Leviathan which is in fact a type of Dinosaur. Also...I will agree with you that yes...not EVERYTHING in the Bible was taken to be literally....but MOST of it is and everything is taken literally in the spiritual sense because there is nothing more real than the spiritual world my don't have to believe that...I'm not making you or anything...but it's the truth...satan exists, demons exist, angels exist and most importantly the triune God exists. don't have take my word for it...but...if anyone really is interested in discussing this topic further in a more appropriate setting...please...I urge you to e-mail me at I will be more than glad to talk to you and answer any of your questions. AIM s/n is fistfulofdread and my Yahoo IM s/n is Irockloud, same as my e-mail.
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