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Re: Catholic Aikidoka

August Valenti wrote:
I am an older Catholic--well-informed--who has been practicing at a wonderful dojo in Maine. I am looking for some intelligent discussion of the spiritual aspects of Aikido and some thoughts about ki. Thanks.
Hi August,

If you have a specfic question in mind please state it openly. Otherwise I know there are at least 2 extemely long threads in the Aikiweb archives about Aikido and Christianity and the whole question about what some Religions say about ki etc. A lot of your questions may be answered if you try out the forum search function. That sort of discussion can become very involved and heated from my experience (especially when folks start preaching from either side) so if your questions have been answered here in a prior thread it may be nice not to beat a dead horse imho.

If you are already well-informed on one side, then I'd suggest doing some online research related to ki and forming your own opinions.

So far for me there is absoluteley no dichotomy between my Aikido practice and being Catholic. In fact I have found each a bit helpful in understanding some concepts of the other.

Just a thought or 2.

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