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Re: Catholic Aikidoka

Well...I am a born again Evangelical Christian who takes my relationship with Christ Jesus my Lord and Saviour very seriously and I have also been involved with all sorts of martial arts for the last 12 years. I am very well versed in Christian theology and history as well as knowing the different philosphies and theologies of different belief systems in the world (i.e. Cults/Occult, Islam, Buddhism, etc.) far as I'm concerned...most (not all) of the relaxation stuff and mental stuff and all have some Biblical merit. However...I wouldn't recommend getting into their so called "spiritual" aspect of it 'cause it does not pertain to true spirituality which only comes through having a RELATIONSHIP with Jesus Christ...not doing works and being nice....but by the grace and providence of God and His sacrifice of His son Jesus to die in our place for our sins...'cause we're all scumbags without Jesus no matter how spiritual and nice you think you are. Anywho...the main point I'm trying to make is can be a Christian and train in the martial arts and harness your chi/ki and what long as you do not deviate from the faith and become some new age moron, you know? If you want to talk more about it and have a better discussion regarding the things you e-mail address is and my AIM s/n is fistfulofdread and my Yahoo IM s/n is Irockloud. me if you're really serious about any of those questions and any other questions you have...I'll be more than glad to help you.
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