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Re: Defining Kokyu

Ignatius Teo wrote:
You forget I am Chinese, doing a Japanese martial art. Most of what I "know" (which I use VERY loosely) comes from prior learning, thru what I've felt Takeda do to me, and from outside learning.

So, who knows where I actually picked up the connections, coz it sure as hell wasn't told to me specifically by Takeda (or any of his senior students). It was always a kind of unspoken, the "look" in the eye, inner "knowing", shared moment, thing, as is the Asian way.
Well, I'm not Asian, but I have known a whole raft of Asian instructors. Generally, my impression is that the more they know about how these things work, the more analytical and studied are their comments and explanations. In fact, the ability to analyze even static structures in the realm of mechanics by some of the experts has intrigued me... even ones without any formal training in physics and statics. So I'll counter your "look in the eye" and suggest that you should still be able to track the thread of logic and mechanical analysis, regardless of genetics.


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