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Re: Defining Kokyu

Ignatius Teo wrote:
OK, working on a simple push, let's say, yokomen-uchi kokyu nage irimi where you throw uke backwards. I contact the attacker's R forearm with my LH. And touch my RH heelpalm on the collarbone/chest.

The source of power comes from the ground up my back foot and big toe through the middle into my hand, and I "cut" thru uke into the ground behind uke (where the "hole" is).

My LH is also working in conjunction with my whole body and "feeling" for the connection with uke's center.

If I were to "push" uke simply from a straight arm using the shoulders, the "feeling" is different, and the effect markedly weaker.
I dunno. I can't fault the wording. But I reserve the right to wait and feel it. I think you're off on the big toe thing... given Ueshiba's comments about six directions, given the jo trick, etc., I suspect the "big toe" comment refers to a manner of storing and releasing power that I would have thought was not given to the Japanese, but which, once again, I was probably wrong about. If wisdom is learned through mistakes, I may be one of the wisest people you know.

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