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Re: Defining Kokyu

Mike Sigman wrote:
OK, but let's forget the spiral for a second and just go back to the simple push. You have your hands on uke. How do you get his center and manipulate it... with just a push, even? What is the source of the power that is coming from your middle? What do you do with the opponent's forces, if he's not just standing there? Can you give us some idea of the difference between just pushing the opponent and using a kokyu force on him?


Good questions. Unfortunately, I'm not sure I can even satisfactorily answer these questions myself, much less explain it yet. I can only feel what I feel.

OK, working on a simple push, let's say, yokomen-uchi kokyu nage irimi where you throw uke backwards. I contact the attacker's R forearm with my LH. And touch my RH heelpalm on the collarbone/chest.

The source of power comes from the ground up my back foot and big toe through the middle into my hand, and I "cut" thru uke into the ground behind uke (where the "hole" is).

My LH is also working in conjunction with my whole body and "feeling" for the connection with uke's center.

If I were to "push" uke simply from a straight arm using the shoulders, the "feeling" is different, and the effect markedly weaker.

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