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Re: Highest Level Martial Arts and Aikido

okay. Well maybe my reductionist thinking has a flaw but here are the facts to me:
- ralph sensei doing a "kokyunage" throw of someone really large (filled the door frame not the 100 pound kicker or anything) and heavy like a pro football player (with the assumption that someone who likes the feeling of impacting someone full on is probably not throwing himself)
- the throw outwardly looked like someone doing a one handed push up - only rotated perpendicular to the floor of course. (not leading down so much, up and straight out)
- this person's shoulder damage prevents him from doing a push-up
Therefore it sees odd to me that it could be normal strength or a combination, but hey, that's the best example I can think of which seems to eliminate the normal or combination, but I won't continue to beat a dead horse.

I'm just not at the end of my "beyond normal strength" research, so I suppose we;ll just have to wait, forget about it, or you can further elaborate yourself. But it seems there is another thread on this now so I'll just happy go read that one.

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