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Re: Defining Kokyu

All movement is mechanical and can be explained. Once you mention the ki word, all logic goes out the window.

When I was young I had a job in a steelworks - I was a radiographer, lots of lifting stuff all day, but quite cushy by comparison to others. Occasionally, when we had little to do we were sent here and there to help out. A frequent 'excursion' was to the smelting area and I had to fill the crucible with small cut-offs of steel plate. It was only a small crucible and only took 1 ton of steel and the fork-lift truck couldn't get near it. I had to shovel the stuff in, walking back and forth. Needless to say, it was back-breaking work. However, the old-timers, many in their late 50s, would laugh at me. Indeed, they had done it twice a day for many, many years. My technique was really no different to theirs, rather, their bodies were accustomed to it. But in an Aikido context, lacking explanation, they would probably have advised me to - "Use yer ki lad!" And they would have been right, but I would have been none the wiser.

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