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Re: Defining Kokyu

I sure will try to give you my take on it, Mike. Of course, this is just my opinion.

Well, as I said before there are several different things that need to all be right simultaneously to get that sweet spot feeling in our techniques that we are all looking for. Posture is one, if not the most important of these things without that you loose your abitily to sense your balance in relation to uke's balance/structure, deliver energy efficiently, make evasive movements and changes and breath freely.

Another is simply proper movement which is somewhat, but not not entirely, a result of proper posture. Proper movement in Aikido is accomplished by dropping weight, to move, by simply bending the knee allowing gravity to propel us forward as we position our forward foot and then recover the rearward foot as our weight settles to our new location. I know this sounds simple pimple but it does take some practice. Consider this, most people, before they step with one foot will shift their weight over the opposite foot before bending the knee to LIFT the forward foot. This causes a situation that directly opposes gravity on the body because the rear foot is thrusting the body's weight away from the earth in order to propel it forward essentially making the body much less stable. Totally different mechanics at work here. For a demo just push on a wall with your back leg thrusting and your torso leaning into it then try it by keeping your back strait extending your arms and simply bending your forward knee and let gravity do the rest. You can generate more force on the wall with the thrusting rear leg, head down, gnashing teeth way, but try em both on a wall that changes attitude on you (uke) and you'll see it is much easier to adjust to the moving surface from the proper posture and dropping weight.

Whew! I hope y'all can understand that cause now i'm not sure if I do.

Mull it over...anyway.
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