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Re: Defining Kokyu

David Valadez wrote:
What are these "some things"?
Lost me, David. Which message has the "some things" remark and the context?
Are these techniques, drills, practices, traditionally used for developing things like kokyu-ryoku? In some of your posts, you seem to be suggesting that - just wanting to make sure.
Certainly there are drills, practices, etc., specifically for developing kokyu-ryoku. All movements in Aikido, not just select few, have kokyu and by extension kokyu-ryoku in them. Aiki-Taiso are good examples. Suburi is another important example. Kokyu-ryoku is the power you develop from moving with kokyu-powered movements. Focused exercises and drills which utilize kokyu repetitively in basic movements (Hey!!! That's what the kihon waza are for!) speed up your development of kokyu power. Doing kihon waza without kokyu and the "Divine Will" (as O-Sensei called "intent") may lead to some kokyu over time, but probably not much. Waiting for your "ki to awaken" is another route where people need to get ready for a long fruitless wait.

Ah... I think I see the "some things". What I meant was that people haven't been shown how to bring kokyu to areas of the body, haven't been taught how to train the body to "sink" effectively, and many other exercises. Most people don't complain. In fact, I think most people finish their Aikido careers without even a clue that they missed the basics because no one showed them or (in many cases) their teacher. My opinion.



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