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Mike Sigman
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Re: Defining Kokyu

Jason Mokry wrote:
I find it much easier to develop an understanding of principals in Japanese terminology by allowing them to sink in through physical training. In this way my cognitive process begins to associate the Japanese terms we use to describe Budo principles with English terms that I am already familiar with.
Well, I respect your right to an opinion, Jason, but I don't think we're having difficulty translating terms because we don't just practice enough, because they're foreign terms, etc. The real problem, in my opinion, is that despite many aggregate years of training by a number of people in western Aikido, no one showed them how to do some things and as a result they don't know how to do them and therefore it's hard to get substantive conversations off the ground. If all those years of practice by many people didn't work, over a couple of generations, now, do you really think the best solution is just to practice more?


Mike Sigman
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