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Re: ?? Exaggeration in Aikido ??

Roy Leclair wrote:
A Little of both, an Idea, and to question the idea. I agree that there is allot of this issue, in all MA (maybe even more-so in others). Off-course I am just generalizing. Although, aside form Ueshiba or Kondo etc.., do you think that the general Aikido population would stand a chance against a sumo, or even a much bigger person or group?
Why Yes, I think there are enough of us to take on and whip the tar out of a sumo - I mean a few hundred thousand against one.

The what if's are rather tiring don't you think? I mean, do you run into many Sumo in Canada? A sumo has a sports career to worry about, not try and hassle a passing Aikidoka.
Here in Florida I might run into a Professional football player, in that case I don't want to win. I want my lawyer to win me money in a civil suit. You started this because perhaps your hearing someone at your dojo say these things - probably/possibly in connection in trying to get someone to join? So it's a truth in advertisiing issue- I'm just guessing here. However, to answer your question anyways : Does the general Aikido population stand a chance against a Sumo - yes if the Aikidoka has running room and a bar stool. But you may not perceive Aikido as I do. Does the average Aikido population stand a chance against a bigger person. Absolutely yes! Because the average bigger person is just more mass, not more skill, not more strength (mass does not truly equal strength - mass equals mass), not more speed, not more stamina, not more fighting spirit. Just weight, & size -and the size can go in many directions. Last question do you think the general aikido population would stand a chance against a group. Yes! A much better chance than before they took Aikido and a much better chance than the average person (who here in the states is that bigger by overweight, out of shape, and unwilling to park and walk 2 extra feet for a parking space, and has the martial skill of a turnip that even with a panic button on their car keys and a cell phone if they get attacked someone else would be calling because Joe Average froze. And the main group attack from these people are the dangers in getting hit by them driving their Cars/SUVs/Trucks in an interesection while talking on their cell phone to their overweight spouse to be sure to get two large containers of the "FatFree" ice cream!!
Sorry Roy, I guess I'm ranting. The analogy that to me applies to your question is: A pack of matches will give you a better chance of starting a campfire if your lost alone in the forest. It improves the chances of survival for the person with matches over the person with no matches. Does it mean that now that you have the matches you can hunt, kill, and skin, and cook a bear. Build a cabin, build a canoe, and suddenly have the skills to make your way out of the forest. Well probably not, but some might manage to do better with the matches than without and the same is true for Aikido.
Plus, just for fun have you tried Don Modesto's suggestion of key word search: Aikido, work . You might have had found your answer and saved us all from my ranting
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