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Re: Defining Kokyu

Yikes! I would think kokyu-ryoku is even harder to define. But here goes:

For me, kokyu-ryoku is the perfect coordination of mind coordination and body coordination. "Perfect" here is defined as "in line with the principles or laws of Nature." In waza, these two coordinations cannot be so separated (as they are fully co-dependent) but let us say that the "coordination of body" is referring to the coordination of tai-sabaki, ashi-sabaki, and te-sabaki -- such that a sense of center becomes tangible, extendable, and grounded. A "coordination of mind" is a fully realized reconciliation of the subject/object dichotomy -- such that one's sense of center adopts a kind of universal aspect and/or an aspect of Oneness. Thus, for me, a technique that contains kokyu-ryoku is a technique that has a very tangible sense of center, is very grounded, and extends along a continuity of Oneness.

I am afraid that I am not very versed in "ki tests," as I am more interested in the religious and social or interpersonal aspects that come to me via the embodying of an extended continuity of Oneness. Therefore, I do not think I can comment upon the topic of "ki tests" and contribute anything worth reading or worth thinking about. Sorry.


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