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Re: Defining Kokyu

David Valadez wrote:
I'm sorry Mike - I must be too dense to get the description. Apologies.
No, it's my fault. Basically I was trying to couch in terms of a throw or technique a push or something very simple, straight to the front. Personally, I would be just as happy saying, "Put your right hand on the wall in front of you and push the wall. What makes a push 'kokyu power' and what makes a push just a push? Where do you draw the line in definitions?"
All waza should utilize kokyu-ryoku. All waza should utilize kokyu-ryoku to the same level (i.e. as much as possible). Thus, I do not delineate a "Kokyu Nage" but the presence of "kokyu-ryoku. Nor (inversely) do I delineate "Ikkyo" by the absence of "kokyu-ryoku." Both include "kokyu-ryoku -- as should striking, kicking, choking, cutting, stabbing, but also standing and sitting as well, etc.
I completely agree. However, in leaving room for someone to offer a counter-position, I wasn't making a definitive statement. The point I was initially making was that, in my opinion, someone who uses real "kokyu power" in their waza and all movements should be able to easily do the "ki tests" that Tohei demonstrates. I.e., they're all the same thing. However, people may have differing views and rather than insist on the position, I was simply throwing it out for discussion. Perhaps it would be simpler if I just dropped the term "kokyunage" and focused on "what is kokyu-power and how is it used in throws and movements?". Or something along those lines.


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