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Mike Sigman
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Re: Defining Kokyu

David Valadez wrote:
Mike - that description is hard to follow - got any video we can look at?
After I wrote it I realized it wasn't the world's best description, David. Sorry. No video... I was just trying to imagine a simple, discussable situation.

Let me try again. You're in ai-hanmi, right foot forward but with your right foot outside of his right foot.. You're holding uke's right wrist in your left hand and your right hand is placed on the inside of his right elbow so you can comfortably push straight ahead against his elbow, throwing him backward/downward. Alternatively, the push with the right hand could be against uke's chest. Hope that's a clearer view of the simple kokyu-type push/throw that will allow us to analyse what is kokyu, what's not, etc.


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