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Re: Defining Kokyu

The idea for this thread was to try and discuss what people say or think they are doing when they do a kokyu nage or they use kokyu power for something. I like the "beyond normal strength" idea in a way, but it's not very specific. Surely if someone is doing a kokyu throw, they can analyse what they are doing and describe why it would specifically rate a special name. If it's not different than a throw using "normal" body mechanics, there would be no need to call it a "kokyu throw".

I was trying to think of some one or two standard kokyu throws that would be easy to discuss because we don't want to cloud the discussion with overly complex body mechanics. How about the kokyu throw where you have uke's right wrist in your left hand, you place your right hand on the inner part of his right elbow joint and kokyu (like he did tsuki, you capture it during tenkan, turn him, place your right hand inside his elbow (or close by) and step/move forward and throw him sort of backwards with a kokyu throw? Would that one work? Is it clear enough? Anyone want to comment on how that throw should work in order to be a kokyu throw?


Mike Sigman
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