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Re: Defining Kokyu

Mike Sigman wrote:
...Tohei goes toward the subconscious-weighted use/development of kokyu (I honestly don't think Tohei lets out a lot of what he does for the actual ki training). It's because Tohei approaches ki/kokyu development with that "subconscious" tinge that his Aikido might be considered by some to be somewhat different from Ueshiba's Aikido, which might be considered somewhat different from Shioda's Aikido, etc., but in the big picture I see them just as slight variations of the same basic theme...
Much of what Tohei has written is introductory material. The idea being you join the Ki Society if you're interested in pursuing this activity to gain access to more information and have people to practice with. There are also several books which haven't been translated into English. His recent book on Ki Breathing came out within the last few months in Japanese.

Since he is a native Japanese speaker, and Japanese is considered a vague/poetic language, this might be the source of your belief he is "hiding" something. You might find William Reed's books more precise for an English reader. Reed is an American who has worked as a professional translator and is a member of the Ki Society who has close access to K. Tohei.

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