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Re: BJJ shows weakness in this street fight

Just an observation: the situation I speak of with my sensei may have been misconstrued a little bit.

It was a riot against something or another with around 20 beer'd up people, sensei was responsible for helping the other guy quell the riot and keep things as undercontrol as possible.
They were not all attacking sensei at the same time, I doubt they were anywhere close to organized.
Coincidering the space allowed, at the most he might have had 3 people at once and their ability to attack was questionable.
I never claimed that he put down the riot or that he took down each and every one, just that he walked away with no permanent injuries and the majority of the rioters did not.
The bar is in downtow, I suspect it was a matter of minutes before the police arrived.

I can see why it looked like BSing, but I was trying to make the point that multiple attackers is not an impossibility that you only walk away from if you are lucky. Lucky is the a gun in your face and the dude pulls the trigger and the round is a dud. As far as I've been able to determine, at best only 1-2 people can attack you at a time unless you get someone behind you, but you can't have 4 people come at you at the same time, they will get themselves tangled up and you can do quite a bit to help them stay that way.
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