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Re: Highest Level Martial Arts and Aikido

Here's an interesting excerpt from the Thundering Aikido thread:

My emphasis in bold.

Abe left a great impression on Matsuoka, imparting much insight into aikido spirituality, the relationship between the Kojiki (Record of Ancient Affairs, a Japanese historical text) and aikido, and the importance of kokyu (breath power) training. Indeed, what many aikido instructors simply write off as a warmup exercise, Abe spoke of in great detail.

He clearly explained how the "boat rowing" exercise built ki through its different vowel sounds, breathing patterns and rhythms. He also elucidated the section of the Kojiki from which the exercise was drawn. "We should feel a great effort concentrated at the hara when we practice it," Matsuoka explained. "That is how we build ki power and what differentiates these kinds of strength-building exercises from weightlifting."

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