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Re: Highest Level Martial Arts and Aikido

Mike Sigman in the 'BS in fellow Aikidoka' thread wrote:
Although a smaller person's "technique" is very important, until a smaller person's ki, kokyu, and ability to manipulate kokyu are good, they won't have enough of an edge to beat larger people consistently, IMO. I guess I could argue that those things are a necessary part of really "good technique".
I read this on another thread and agreed with it, then realized I would be totally incapable of explaining to someone what I mean by these concepts -- and what I think of when I think of them may well be different than what others of you mean when you talk about them.

I get the feeling that's the same thing going on in this discussion, where the crux of the matter is that we can't even be sure we're meaning the same thing when we use the same words. Given that our only tool here in the forums is words, I'm not sure we'll be able to achieve clarity -- but I'm hoping we'll get close enough as people define the key points more clearly and give examples if possible, so we won't be like the blind men and the elephant describing an elephant as being like a wall or a snake or a rope or a tree.

I'm hoping that by the time this thread winds down, I'll have the words I need to be able to explain. Keep it up!

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