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Re: BJJ shows weakness in this street fight

Wonder why I have never seen a video on the web showing someone defeating upwards to 20 dudes without eating it in the end? Seems like by now we'd be able to capture footage of some bad ass that could do that. He'd be a millionaire cause he'd sell many, many tapes, books etc.

Not saying that someone might not fair better than another, or not be able to get out of the door, or escape the altercation to live another day. Training is good for that. But, I seriously doubt that there many...if any that could soundly defeat 20 dudes in a "real fight (tm)" like in the movies and stand around a pile of bodies.

No disrespect to your sensei...I am just not a believer since the stories are many, but the proof is few and far in between.

I wouldn't hang my hat on my sensei's success as an indication that what he teaches, or what you are learning will one day allow you to defeat multiple opponents, or give you a "get out of jail free" card. There ain't no holy grail.

Sometimes you're the bug and sometimes your the windshield.
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