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Re: What Makes a Technique an "Aikido" Technique?

Sorry for reopening this very old thread.

I have just an idea of a simple answer with very little explanation.

Aikido rule #1: "There are no rules"
I.e. Reply 1: if you survive, it is Aikido

The others I cannot argue on simple rules, but you'll understand

reply 2: If the opponent survives it is great Aikido

reply 3: If you can sit afterwards together and have some softdrink, beer, wine, sake, talk about what has happened, and why nobody has been hurt, well then go out and find O'sensei. You have to teach him.

One negative reply:
If you attack someone or hurt or kill him willingly, it is NOT Aikido, whatever technique you applied.

I am sure you could read all this out of the other posts. Mine sounded so simple. Now tell me, if I am right.

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