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Adam Alexander
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Aikido vs....

Since I've started visiting this forum, I've seen a BUNCH of "Aikido vs...." threads. Of course, one group says this, the other says that...

In relation to that, first, I'd like to say: Consider the source. How many of us, after years of training, really understand Aikido to really say what Aikido can do? I doubt there's anyone. I figure, I can only respond with what I think I can do against this or that utilizing the Aikido techniques I know...but none of us know Aikido...Shioda said in the 90's that he was just catching on to many years of training is that?

Find a "Master" and ask him/her the question.

Ultimately, I think to compare one art to another you'd have to know the techniques of both of'd need to be, or ask, a someone who's a "Master" of both arts.

However, seems to me, you could take every technique from one art and say,,"is there a technique in the Aikido repertoire to counter this. If the answer is "no" then the question becomes, does Aikido offer an option that could of been utilized to avoid being in the position where that technique is applicable?

So, for anyone to answer those questions, I hope they've done a lot of homework. That's all.
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