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Re: BJJ shows weakness in this street fight

Dirk, I disagree that if you train for reality that you will produce street fighters. If you train for reality you can do techniques on people who not only are not cooperating, you can do techniques on people who want to rip your head off. Maybe not any specific technique you want but they will be neutralized.

I agree that using anything at your disposal is a good idea. I have been taught to use everything from a quarter to a business card to a broken broom handle to defend myself and to do so without striking. If an engagement happens and you happen to see something that could be used as a weapon, go for it.

I disagree that multiple attackers are impossible. In our randori we don't stop until every uke is dead or out of the game or neutralized in some way. Sensei is quite famous in town for having to deal with a 20 man bar-riot with only one other bouncer and walking away relatively unharmed. Few of the rioters could say that though. If your only goal is to throw the uke's through the air then I will happily agree with you but if you want to lock them up or remove them then it is very possible. Multiples is an ability that can be developed over time, not something you can do just because you have earned -kyu or -dan X.

That said, I firmly believe that one cannot and will not attain proficiency (and all the nifty abilites that come with it) enought to apply this art 100% in the real world until every bit of training becomes a conditioned response. I keep hearing from sensei that if you want to be fast and fluid it takes 1000 times a day, and from someone who has been doing this for his entire life I believe it.
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