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Re: Highest Level Martial Arts and Aikido

Well, maybe it's my poor expression. I attempted to qualify my usage of "profound" with "some profound (_at least_ to them, but maybe very legitimate) level" and when you take out all of the qualifying words I'm left with the impression that only O-sensei's 3 people pushing on the jo trick is "profound" enough for you. Regardless, if a guy who can't do a push up can throw the body mass of a professional football player around in even a semi-cooperative way, that's "profoundly" different than using just normal arm strength, in my opinion.

I suppose I just don't think there is any confusion about what normal strength is; and we all know some people who have exceptional amounts of normal strength. To me, anything in the range of just beyond normal strength and up to and maybe surpassing O-sensei's 3 people pushing on the jo trick is the range of "gradations" of kokyu strength. It seems like you want to have one more level in there, where everything that I may have seen/experienced and considered to be beyond normal is still not any gradation of kokyu in your opinion. I'm okay with that, but I'm really interested in narrowing down where you draw the line. As far as both of those people, I'm sure they could stand on one leg and resist a push, etc. What is the minimum gradation in your opinion?

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