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Re: BJJ shows weakness in this street fight

Although I know what you mean, my training has permeated every aspect of how I function, and as an Aikidoka, the only way I could abandon it would be to attempt to grapple, kick, or apply weapons with which I have no training (do not pick up that three section staff). It seems to me that when facing armed/multiple opponents, attempting to grapple, kick, or use unfamiliar weapons would put me at a disadvantage compared with other options like running away, getting into a car, or even trying my techniques. In any case, there is no thinking involved when faced with such a situation. Unlike the examples in modern entertainment, we do not manifest emergent properties when faced with conflict, we simply react in the way we have been taught. Your training is your animal-brain response, and you will not be able to abandon it because there will be no thinking involved.
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