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Re: what does religion say about ki?

ki is energy and energy cannot be created or desetroyd so i believe that there is life after death but im not sure about reincarnation
You have just reincarnated this dead thread!

Reincarnation is easy to believe, IMHO, if you do not take it literally, in the western sense, but symbolically.

If energy cannot be created or destroyed (read back in this thread, many believe that KI while explained as energy is not simply energy), then it is transferred, as you stated.

I believe it is necessary to understand Karma and how it is created, built upon, destroyed, and transferred. From a western standpoint, the movie "pay it forward" is a wonderful example of the power of Karma.

You live your life. You influence society, the world, and the environment. As you are absorbed back into the fabric of the universe...your karma you created survives. Future generations are made up of the life force or energy as you might call it that you created, both positive and negative. They experience and inherit the legacy that you leave behind.

I personally believe that part of what is wrong with my society is that we don't believe in this concept of rebirth. Many believe we are separate from the universe and therefore are "outsiders" and here to enjoy the fruits of the earth. We don't see ourselves as custodians, or caretakers.

Maybe there is a heaven that is separate from earth, maybe there is a hell. Maybe we leave here never to return.

Think about this, what if we do get to heaven and find out that the heaven we have is the legacy (postive/negative) that we created for ourselves.....would that be heaven or hell????

Who really knows what reincarnation means. To me it means transformation. I think that is something most religions can agree on. What your particular belief in that transformation will be may vary...but what is important, IMHO, is that we always try to do the right things for ourselves and others and you cannot go wrong!

Okay time to turn off my quasi, preachy, pontification, illiterate ramblings for the night
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