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Re: Poll: How well are kihonwaza (basic techniques) taught at your dojo?

Nice Catch, Nick.

Just under a year ago I moved back home and away from my first dojo in DC. Upon starting at my current dojo I was complimented on my basics, which was primarily a result of my instructor, but also partly due to my quantum mechanics professor.

The latter was fond of telling us that it is impossible to memorize every fact and equation necessary to come to the solution of many of the questions faced in that class, and that only building a solution from a keen grasp of the fundamentals of physics, etc etc, would we have a chance of approaching and solving the problems we were given. Apply likewise to the endless scenarios and techniques available to any given combat situation. It's impossible from rote memory to execute any&every single technique available. It takes familiarity bred from constant conscious and unconscious awareness of the basics expressed ( balance, maai, breath, stance, connection) in order to build a solution out of the exact scenario you are faced with.

that's a lot of talking for not having had any coffee this early, so feel free to disregard where necessary.

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