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Re: BJJ shows weakness in this street fight

Roy Leclair wrote:
I'm not so sure that sport like"randori" in Aikido would be a good idea, particularly with Sankyo techniques. Because man, there sure would be allot of sore arm joints!! But, I most definitely agree that Aikido should have a realistic street based approach to its training. Which is tragically lacking in many Aikido dojos.
Roy, I agree upon randori tournaments having some disadvantages. I have a vague idea of good Aikido randori events - not championships. But I need some time and more experience to make them public.

But I do not think that Aikido dojo should generally focus on "realistic street based approach". If you teach street fighting, you will get street fighters. That is ok, where necessary, i.e. police, armed forces etc. But there you can have extra cross border training with street fight aspects.

For most of the others good self defense practise should be enough. Yes, maybe some more than most dojo offer.

And while you may argue that everyone may be confronted with a real street fight situations with experienced street fighters. I have to agree, there is a chance, but I do not think that the chance of facing a real gun fight situation with auto- or semi-auto weapons.

Does that mean, that every Aikido dojo should teach realistic fight situations with M16, uzi, etc.?

Regards Dirk
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