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stratos patsakis
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Re: BJJ shows weakness in this street fight

when people ask me about knife fighting i aswer them if you can run away it's the better thing to do!i believe that you need many years of experience and practise to deal with a guy that holds a knife!the training in the dojo with a plastic knife is nothing!you need a lot of practise and experience!and if the guy knows to manage the knife you are fucked up!most people with knifes attack in the front to stab you.the people who know about knifes make cuts like the number 8 and it is very dangerous.they cut all the dangerous spots at human stay away from good way of training knife fighting is to wear black t-shirts and take instead of knife that white thing they use in schools to write in the blackboard i don't know the word in english!if you manage to write the other person's t-shirt then he needs more practise in knife fighting!
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