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Re: Highest Level Martial Arts and Aikido

Ted Ehara wrote:
Then you're in good company, including those who can do these ki demonstrations. The analogy is like the Zen imagery of the finger pointing to the moon.

These ki demonstrations are like the finger. It is suppose to be a guide, not the focus of your awareness. The condition of mind and body coordination is the moon. The unity of mind and body is a goal in the martial arts.

We cannot see the mind. It has no shape, color or appearance. We can see the body. It has mass, form and color. So through the way the body acts, we can see a reflection of the practitioner's mind. That is what these demonstrations really show.
You cannot see the mind when someone is laying bricks or driving a car, either... and the mind and body are coordinated in these things, too. Ki demonstrations are the mind and body coordinated in ways the body does not naturally coordinate ("these skills are not intuitive; they must be learned"). I have seen these sorts of demonstrations for many years; they are done because someone wants to show that he can do them. Granted, there's not a lot of information out there (which is deliberate), but these things are not THAT hard to do and they don't have to be put on a pedestal or dragged out for years and years. They just have to be practiced.

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