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Rachel Strickman
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Re: Aikido Songs!

this is not precisely and aikido song, but something that we sang in the pub afterwards occasionally. It is to the tune of On Top of Old Smokey.

Tescooo, Tesco Valueee,
Tesco, the best for me and you!

If you're on a budget, Tesco's the place to be,
For Tesco sells all sorts of things
For less than fifty P!
Tesco value flour, twenty seven p! Tesco value baked beans, only eleven pence a can!

If you feel a tad too fat, try Tesco Healthy Choice,
There's lots of kinds, it all tastes nice,
And without calorific vice!

Tesco sells all sorts of things,
From peas to eggs to ham
Flour, butter, sugar too,
and Tax-Free Savings Plans!!

Tesco is a British supermarket, and an institution in my town. I am spreading the word of the Tesco Song.
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