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Michael Neal
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BJJ shows weakness in this street fight

I want to start by saying that I practice jiu jitsu myself and think it is a very valuable martial art but this following situation definately shows its weaknesses. it was posted by a BJJ practitioner with a good amount of experience.

I also want to use this as an opportunity for more people to take my previous suggestions to heart, that Aikido would appeal to more people if a bigger effort was made to include more realistic training and randori. Its strength in these type of situations is obvious if you have done any multi attacker Aikido randori. However, Aikido training must contain these elements on a regular basis to be effective in surviving this kind of attack in my view.

I wouldn't call it a fight, but we were on the sidewalk, which is pretty close to a street in most areas.

An altercation flames up out of nowhere, and before we know it, myself and 5 of my buddies from my jiujitsu academy are backing cautiously away from a group of 12+ hispanic fellows.

As I back away trying to keep an eye on everyone, I run right into a fucking TREE. clock my head pretty good and realize instantly that I am completely fucked. A guy dives in from my left and socks me good in the eye, got a nice shiner now, and I react instantly, bum rushing the nearest guy in front of me. I clinch up tight to protect my face from more punches, and drag him back with me, I can feel people hitting the top and back of my head but it doesn't matter.

A few seconds later I shove the guy away from me and break free of the melee. My friends have also broken away, and one suffered a nasty cut under his eye from a punch.

We retreat a few blocks and I notice my side is drenched, probably beer from the cans they chucked at us (which is what started this whole mess) I thought. Then I looked at my hand and it was covered in blood. I lift up my shirt and reveal much to my surprise:

I had been fucking stabbed. Right over my liver, actually.

So during my visit to the ER I learn that they also shanked me in the right thigh, and after extensive testing, x-rays, ultrasounds, cat-scans, it turns out I am a-ok. The knife didn't get through my abdominal muscles, and no organs were damaged. The muscle in my thigh was pretty well fucked up though. Anyway a few stitches later I get released, and told to take it easy and "eat lots of protein."

Interestingly, while I was in there a mexican dude came in with, guess what, a stab wound. When aksed by the nurses where this happened he replied with what was an obvious stuttering lie. My friend broke in, saying "Are you sure it wasn't [street we were on]?" and the guy freaked, so he was obviously involved, his buddies must have stabbed him by accident. I'm betting it was the guy I clinched.

Some thoughts:

-This was a nice neighborhood, about 2 blocks from downtown. Fucked up.
-Jiujitsu is great, but the surprise knife attack is superior.
-I have jiujitsu to thank for the musculature that probably saved my life, or at least kept me out of surgery. Those hanging situps pay off.
-If I hadn't clinched that guy, the knife that hit him would have hit me, and god knows where. Without him as a human shield they would have had an open look at my chest, and could easily have got me in the heart or lungs.
-Don't be a fool, stay in school.
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