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Re: Highest Level Martial Arts and Aikido

Peter Rehse wrote:
I never said either. I did say that that the ability to do a "Ki demonstration" has far less impact on how I perceive someones Aikido level as their ability to move.
My impression was that you discounted "ki tricks" until I pointed out that they were kokyu demonstrations. Extrapolating from that there is an immediate question of what you perceive in "ability to move" and what I see in "kokyu movement". That was the genesis of my comment.
On another note how can a picture show "breath power" when even film would have difficulty. There are a number of moments within, for example, Tomiki's Koryu Goshin no Kata where if you took isolated pictures you could say I was demonstrating Kokyu with as much certainty as many of the pictures of Ueshiba M.
It's impossible to tell in all pictures, of course. However I have a reasonable chance of getting an idea with a still picture because so many of the kokyu demonstrations Asia-wide are the same. With a film I have an even better chance because I can see the movement, judge the reaction of the uke, etc.... but I'm not claiming 100%, of course.


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