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Re: Highest Level Martial Arts and Aikido

Peter Rehse wrote:
Not particularly avoiding Ueshiba M.'s demonstrations or putting down Tohei. In both cases the ability to do these "Ki performances" had very little to do with their ability to do good Aikido.
Frankly, I'm at a complete loss at how you could justify that statement. You think that kokyu demonstrations have little to do with Aikido? I would say unequivocably that kokyu demonstrations have almost everything to do Aikido.
Both men did them on occasion - there is even one story of Tomiki demonstrating one of them to show it was no big deal.
When? Where? Photos? Films? I at least refer to demo's that are recorded on film, photos, etc.
And Tomiki, his history speaks for itself. Joined Ueshiba M. in 1925 and was his first 8th Dan in 1942. Far senior to either Chiba and Tohei and one could argue that his exposure to Ueshiba M. exceeded both men but definitely Chiba. At his main dojo you practice Aikido not a combination of Judo and Aikido.
?? Tohei was a 10th dan. If you mean that Tomiki studied before Tohei, you're correct. "Senior" only if you're going by who studied first, though. Are you saying that Tomiki Aikido does not combining judo and Aikido, BTW? Perhaps I was under the wrong impression. Tomiki did not modify the Aikido of O-Sensei?



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