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Re: Highest Level Martial Arts and Aikido

Well, the shodo (or shuji ? anyone know the difference? is there one?) question is a good one. I would like to think that have good kokyu in your movement would allow you optimal control to execute the fine details AS WELL AS learning to execute the fine details while doing shodo would help you develop kokyu. But I really don't know. It does go back to my initial quesiton about it in that does anyone know how these masters who can perform the brush trick develop kokyu in shodo? I mean, I doubt they are doing a lot of standing practice, etc...

Anyway, with aikido, you don't have a piece of paper, you have an entire other person who is hopfully giving you better feedback. I always thought it was interesting that the primitatives (inuri, tai-atari, and kokyu) were not presented as the required elements but rather as two primitives (inuri, and tai-atari) and one combination - musubi meaning to tie together, being composed of of two primitives (tai-atari and kokyu). Is this combination an aggregate or a composite? I don't know. I assume it is grouped like that for a reason with some depth to it. Without much thought, it seems that those elements require at least a second body for there to even be aikido. (Or the people translating were terrible at object-oriented design!)

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