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stratos patsakis
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Re: Don’t waste your time practicing AIKIDO

why people are not open minded?aikido is a very good martial art!most martial arts masters here in greece think the same waY!why?if a martial art has something to teach me i will practise it even if i'm teaching taekwondo or hapkido or karate or anything!!!if you want to punch and kick it's not diffucult!!if you combine aikido with punches and kicks it will be so effective!!!i believe that many aikido masters have thought this and teach this way!!steven seagal is a very good example!!!!don't say that aikido is not good beacause it has no punch and kick!!!think that taekwondo has only kicking!!!!so taekwondo is useless too?no!you combine taekwondo kicks with boxing so you are very good fighter!and if you change a little bit the way you kick like thai boxing kicks then it's very good!
so somebody will ask me what about groundfighting?if we continue like this we must learn 10 differenet martial arts!!!please martial people be open minden and try new things and practise them with different ways!all martial arts have something to give to us!
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