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Re: BS in fellow aikidoka

Roy Leclair wrote:
Hello!! people!! Just because someone is a sensei, does not automatically make them a righteous person full of wisdom, and a key to life. How does crushing a 15 year old girls wrists, equate to a lesson in life; via martial arts? Sounds like uke is an a#%hole, and if i where her father, I would find another club, one where the head instructor is concerned about the welfare of the members. Because lets face it folks, letting someone abuse you, because you don't want to look weak and/or like a complainer is simply not kosher.
I wasn't there, of course, but it hardly sounded like abuse to me. At most there were some hurt feelings, but no more than that - certainly no "crushing" as in injury or physical hurt from the story as I read it. Check out any organized sport with 15 year olds - plenty more pressure than that.

Or maybe it would just be better if everybody just took pretty falls so that people could feel good about their technique (never mind whether or not they learn anything).



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