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Re: BS in fellow aikidoka


You've had a lot of useful advice, but there are two things you mention that I particularly would like to comment on. First, you seemed upset that your teacher did not say anything to uke when you called him over. Perhaps your teacher understood and was helping you through the situation. Certainly, if I call a teacher over, I hope he/she will comment on my technique, not on what uke is doing. Second, and perhaps more importantly, I think it's a mistake to think of Aikido as a way to just go and take it easy after classes. Aikido is going to challenge you, for better or for worse, throughout its many stages. Most of the time, you'll be able to enjoy classes, especially as you advance in years, but along the way, there will be some headaches. Generally, this is when you are learning some aspect of Aikido or yourself (how do you separate them?).

Hang in there. We have all been where you are at, and we still meet situations like this from time to time. How you handle it next time is what's important.

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