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Re: BS in fellow aikidoka

Paige Frazier wrote:
Thank u roy , this is how i want to handle the situation but i dont think i have the guts to do so like you did. I just hate making a scene. Besides that im a 15 year old girl who tends to get quite emotional.
OK Paige;

Others are going to say this but - as a 15 year old girl you have to talk to your sensei. He or she will not hold it against you and might explain why your partner was right or wrong and what you should do about it. Some people have not so nice ideas, some just don't know they are being difficult. Making a scene is not the best way to go in these circumstances as the end result may have you looking like the unstable one with no one wanting to get near you.

If the problem persists you have to ask yourself do you need the grief.

Peter Rehse Shodokan Aikido
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