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Re: BS in fellow aikidoka

I can relate to your thread, I absolutely hate that kind of crap!! It can create alot of negative static, which can result in injury. I am not your typical Aikidoka, for one thing I weight 340 pounds, and I'm about 6'4". I am by no means delicate. But, even-thought I'm fairly robust, I still constantly get very sore wrists from people both grabbing or torquing them so f#!*% hard!! Lately I have been asserting myself a little more by insisting that uke lighten-up, and I only had one member ignore my request. As soon as I seen that this particular member was not complying with my request I stopped, and told him I no longer trusted him, and because of that mistrust, I told him, "I don't ever want to work with you again." The instructor heard this and walked over, and pulled me aside and ask what happened. The bottom line for me is this, our bodies are much to fragile a thing to leave into the hands of a disrespectful uke. And if the instructor disagrees with that, then kick him in the balls also!! Roy
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