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Talking Aikido Urban Legends, Stories, and Myths

In aikido we have a lot of stories. Stories that are told over millions of bottles of sake and beer.

Stories that can rival WWII or Vietnam feats, dramas, and myths. Stories that is forged with courage, bravery, valore, and spectacle. It is usually about a master who can breath fire and ki whilst making coffee. A little woman who single handedly defeated an army of evil henchmen. These are the stories that would make Hans Christian Andersen and any bard look like an apprentice. The story gets better every year, it becomes more spectacular with every person that re-tells the story.

So let it out, tell us your legends, your myths, your favourite aikido story!

I will start, I heard from a karate guy that apparently there is an aikido master in old Japan that can make any person faint by sucking all the ki by the faintest touch.

I read 'Angry White Pajamas' the author Twigger; mentioned that OSensei was teaching the sexual prowess ki extention in aikido. hmmm I still and very interested in finding the dogma on those teachings.

Apparently a good aikidoka can withstand a wave of the same height at the beach. Apparently aikidokas can blend with any wave of the same height.

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